Frequently asked questions

Can we provide you with a playlist?

Yes, you may, but sometimes, it may cause people not to dance. I suggest that I play your choice of music an
deviate from this should it be necessary to lure guests to the dance floor.

Do we have to pay extra for traveling and accommodation?

All traveling and Accommodation if needed is included in the package.  Please fill in the form on our contact page for a all inclusive quote.

Do you allow guests to make requests?

Absolutely, but we urge the guest to add requests on the playlist link that will be given to you.  This way you can manage songs they choose also.  We are very flexible when it comes to what you want on you big day regarding music!

What services does Samwell Events provide?

Our main service at the moment is DJ’s and webdesign for events.  Where I have more than 100 weddings under my belt and over 10 years experience.  Our webdesign service has been added as an extra and beautiful websites can be created as your request.

Do you have a microphone?

Yes, I have a wireless microphone which is available for the marriage officer, master of ceremonies, groom, etc.
backup microphone is also always available.

We want our guests to enjoy the dance floor. What can influence the dance?

Throw the garter and bouquet first, then cut the cake and open the dance floor. In doing so, everything need not b
interrupted for each of the forementioned. The size of the dance floor and the layout of the venue also have a
influence on the willingness of guests to dance.

When do you arrive at the venue?

At least 2 hours before the ceremony starts, I use a separate sound system for the ceremony and reception